Successful Claims

Since January 2011, over £26 billion has been paid out to clients for the mis-selling of PPI alone. When a client makes a complaint about the mis-sale of PPI or a Packaged Bank Account, Brazier Consulting Services do everything they can to ensure they get the result they deserve.​

Once a lender has looked into your case, if they agree the account was mis-sold, they will send a decision letter detailing the reason why and offering a redress amount based on premiums paid plus interest.Every client hopes for a successful claim and although this is not always the case, the majority of mis-sale complaints submitted by Brazier Consulting Services Ltd are upheld in the client’s favour during the entire process.​

When the banks decide to uphold your complaint, the process of actually paying you the redress owed will begin.​

There are various ways in which a lender will pay you. If you currently hold a current account with said lender, then they may pay this directly into your account. They may also send a cheque. Some banks even send acceptance forms, that allow you, the client, to decide how you would like to be paid. It is important that you always liaise with us when accepting an offer as we will be able to advise the most efficient way to get the money to you.​

Some lenders will even pay the redress directly into the client’s bank account before either the client or us has received a final response. It is imperative that if you receive any money into your account during the process of the claim that you contact us immediately so we can advise as to what the next steps are.

At Brazier Consulting Services Ltd, we will never ask you to pay us without having received your refund. However, please bear in mind that if the bank pay you directly, before a final decision letter has been generated, you will still owe our fees.​The best advice we can give to client’s is if any money hits your account from the day you have sent your paperwork back to us up until we tell you all cases are settled, to get in touch as soon as possible. Some client’s get the money into their account and go on a spending spree, without consideration for our invoicing process! This can cause the client problems as if they spend the money without paying our fee, they are still liable for the fee.

​Transparency is the key to a smooth process from start to finish. Brazier Consulting Services Ltd will be transparent from start to finish and we only request that clients reciprocate the transparency. If the lender contacts you at any point during the claim or some money hits your account, it’s in your best interest to let us know so we can advise on the next steps.

​If you have received an offer from the bank or would like to discuss anything above, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!