Getting the Decision

Once we have completed all of the necessary checks and sent your complaint to the bank/lender, they follow a strict process outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority. Once in receipt of your complaint, the lender must acknowledge it’s receipt and begin investigating the claim.PPI and Packaged Bank Account complaints are never straight forward and require a full investigation for each policy. Some lenders were found to be systematically mis-selling PPI, however, for the bank to assess the complaint fairly, they need to look into all of the factors surrounding the sale of the policy and anything that occurred during the term of the policy.At Brazier Consulting Services, we have an in-depth knowledge of the claims process and will always keep you up to date throughout. Also, if the bank require any further information, we will assist you in obtaining the information as quickly as possible to ensure the bank can make a decision as quickly as possible.

The bank have 8 weeks in which to investigate the complaint in full and they must respond with one of the following:
​- A Final Response, advising that they have looked into your case fully and have made a decision on whether or not they are upholding the complaint.
- A letter detailing why they have been unable to meet the 8 week deadline to make a decision set by the FCA. Delays can occur for a multitude of reasons such as the need for further information to fairly assess the complaint. At Brazier Consulting Services Ltd, we constantly liaise with the bank to ensure they have the relevant information necessary to enable them to make a decision as quickly as possible.

There are two types of Final Responses

1) The lender agrees that the account was mis-sold. This is a positive outcome from the bank. On the letter, it will details reasons as to why they agree that the account was mis-sold. Also, they will include redress figures, consisting of the premiums paid plus any interest paid on those premiums. This is often referred to as an “Offer.”
2) The lender does not agree the account was mis-sold. This letter will detail the reasons as to why the lender does not believe the account was mis-sold and will explain that they are not willing to offer any repayments/compensation. This is often referred to as a “Rejection.” If the bank do reject the complaint, there are further steps we can take to appeal the decision. Please refer to the “How to Appeal Rejections” page.

​The final response will be sent to both you, the client, and our claims handling department. As soon as you receive a final response from the bank, be it positive or negative, it’s always best to let us know via any of the methods of contact across the website. We will then assess the final decision letter and advise you on whether or not we agree and the next steps to finally resolving your complaint.