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Thank you everyone for choosing BCS to deal with your final claim for PPI.

Due to unprecedented last minute claimants, its not guaranteed that your lenders will acknowledge your claim.

However we will try our best to ensure that all claims we have received get dealt with by the lenders.

PPI Deadline: August 2019 ACT NOW, claim what's owed too you!


Payment Protection Insurance, deadline to recover mis-sold PPI is August 2019. Contact us today.


Packaged Bank Accounts, Recover what's owed to you.

PCP Car Finance

Ever taken out Personal Contract Purchase Car Finance.
Contact us to see if you are owed compensation.

Pay Day Loans

Ever taken out taken our a quick Pay Day Loan? You could have been mis-sold. Contact us to see if you are owed compensation.


We will source the best contracts to suit your business and tailor them to your needs.

Opportunities for efficiency, such as power optimisation, equipment used, LED lighting and any other aspects of efficiency.

Identify major savings by simply reducing their Agreed Supply Capacity.

This is a device which is linked to your meters to reduce any excess energy being passed through your system.

You may be eligible for a free Energy Efficiency consultation carried out by one of our qualified efficiency experts.

We believe in meeting our clients’ needs, this could be a Face to Face energy evaluation or a Telephone consultation.

Wherever possible, we will source renewable energy options to help reduce a business’ Carbon Footprint.

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“The whole process was very easy and speedy! All your staff are friendly, polite and very helpful.”

—  Mr, Mark Andrew

“Very helpful and friendly staff. I've never claimed before as always felt harassed by a
company and put phone down. Your staff were very friendly and professional”

—  Miss Collette Helen Chapman

“Very Happy with the company as my claim was so quick and easy. No complaints with Brazier Consulting”

—  Miss Claire Louise Drew

“Great job keep it up! :)”

—  Mr Earl Patrick Cranston

“Extremely satisfied with the service I have receive and have recommended BCS to several of my
friends - pity you don't have a recommend a friend scheme!.”

—  Mrs. Carolyne Alderman

Why choose BCS?

At Brazier Consulting Services (BCS), we have one objective: To get the right result for the client. As a family run business, we take time to understand and relate to each and every client to give them the best experience possible. From start to finish, we will constantly be in touch with you providing updates and we’re also available via numerous methods of contact in case you have any queries or concerns.

​There is often a stigma around PPI and Claims Management Companies and how claims are dealt with. At BCS, we are fully transparent. The best way to complete a claim is by testimony from a client on their recollection of how products were sold. We don’t just send generic complaints to try and get the best result. We work on facts provided from you the client to allow the bank to assess the complaint fairly and accurately.​

Many people believe they need paperwork and documentation to submit a claim for PPI or PBAs, however, this is often untrue. At BCS, we can locate your accounts with some simple details. We always ensure our client’s are comfortable with the claims process from start to finish and if there is any information you don’t like to disclose, don’t worry, we’ll work around it to suit you.

​If you would like to find out more, please contact us via the claim form or the details provided on the “Contact Us” page.