Invoicing and Fees

Once your claim has been successfully completed and the bank send you your redress, Brazier Consulting Services will request the fees outlined in the terms and conditions. We would never ask you to pay a fee when you have not received your redress but once the money has hit your account, payment should be made within 7 days.

How our fees work

Brazier Consulting Services Ltd work strictly on a no win no fee basis. If the claim is unsuccessful or you do not receive any monetary redress, we will not pursue you for a fee unless you cancel our services outside of the cancellation period. Please refer to the terms and conditions regarding cancellation charges.

We will charge you a fee of 20% + VAT of the total amount offered to you in full and final settlement of the claim made against the defendant once the offer has been agreed and accepted. This is before any tax deductions made by the HMRC. For example, for an offer of £2,000.00, we would charge a fee of £480.00 to you (£400 + £80 VAT). Based on a £2,000.00 successful claim you would pay a Fee of £480.00.If your loan is reduced by £1,000.00 and £1,000.00 awarded to you direct we would charge a fee of £480.00 which is a fee of 20% +VAT (£400 + £80 VAT). of the total award of £2,000. This will leave you, the client, with £520 after our fee is settled. Our fee is still payable in full in the event of any compensation awarded being deducted from your balance.

How will I be paid?

There are various ways in which a lender will pay you. If you currently hold a current account with said lender, then they may pay this directly into your account. They may also send a cheque. Some banks even send acceptance forms, that allow you, the client, to decide how you would like to be paid. It is important that you always liaise with us when accepting an offer as we will be able to advise the most efficient way to get the money to you.​

Some lenders will even pay the redress directly into the client’s bank account before either the client or us has received a final response. It is imperative that if you receive any money into your account during the process of the claim that you contact us immediately so we can advise as to what the next steps are.

How do I pay you?

As soon as we receive notification from the bank that they are offering you redress for the mis-sale of your account, our system will generate an invoice that will be posted out to you and sent via e-mail. We’ll also give you a call to discuss this over the phone. At no point through the process will we expect you to pay us before you have received the money into your bank.

​Once you receive the money, however, payment should be made to us within 7 days. There are various methods to pay outlined below:
- By phone: We can take payment for the outstanding fees by any credit or debit card over the phone: 0113 457 2681
- By BACS Payment: You can send the payment to our business account directly from your bank with the details provided on the invoice or you can request our sort code and account number over the phone.
- By Cheque: You can write a cheque for the amount owed and send it into us. All of our invoices include a return envelope to enable you to send the cheque to us free of charge.
- Online: We can send a link to your e-mail for secure payment of your fee from the comfort of your own home!

What if I cannot pay?

Brazier Consulting Services Ltd will never ask you for a fee unless you have received a monetary redress into your bank account. There should be no reason as to why you cannot pay if you have received the money into your account, however, if there is, we are always here to help.​

Please bear in mind, If you do receive a redress and do not pay within 7 days of it clearing into your account, then your account may be passed to our in-house collections team. We offer a bespoke service tailored to each client and a lot of time and effort goes into each and every case with minimal work needed from the client. If there are unforeseen circumstances that are making it difficult to pay, then it’s always best to be upfront with us. Transparency is key. If you cannot pay, let us know, otherwise legal proceedings could begin and this can have an adverse affect on your credit file.​

As mentioned above, the majority of our client’s pay as soon as they receive their money as they are happy with the service they have been provided, however, if no payment has been made within 7 days of receipt and there we have been unable to contact you, then we will have to utilise the methods outlined in our terms and conditions to recover payment from you.​

As a family run business, we very rarely have to utilise such methods, but we will if necessary.

What happens when I pay??

Once you have settled your invoice, then the case is closed for good. Brazier Consulting Services individually assess each account, so even if you settle one account with us, there may be others ongoing. Any time we speak to you, we will update you on the progress of any other outstanding claims and once the final one is settled, we will send you your final receipt and a feedback form to give you the opportunity to (hopefully) praise our services. Any feedback is welcome, positive or negative, to ensure we are always improving our services.

If you have any queries about an invoice or want to discuss anything outlined above, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!